08 December 2010

Truth Bomb

So, I've been awful at sticking to my previous post. But, I just wanted to send a quick shout-out to the blogging world...

Today I texted Robert - the most wonderful man alive - and said: "Honey, I am having a rough day! Can you just pray for me and my attitude? I love you."

He answers: "I will honey. If the love of God for you was written in ink on the sky it could not contain it. I love you and Jesus loves you infinitely more than I do or could..."

In a text! I cried (...and I was on the phone with someone at work when I looked at the text, so it was a little difficult to finish the call.) How humbling and awesome to consider that truth bomb at 8:30 on a Wednesday morning! That's what marriage is about. That's why marriage is the grace of life! That's why marriage is awesome. God is so good to allow us to glorify Him better together than we can apart! My God is so kind! What a great day!