25 May 2012

Congratulations, Husband!!

Last Sunday, May 13, my amazing husband, Robert Wauhop, graduated from the Master's Seminary with his MDiv (Masters of Divinity)!  This was a day that we had been excitedly anticipating since, well, since we've been married... maybe even before that!  That's when our seminary journey started - less than a month after our wedding we headed out in the good old Lexus, made the drive across the country, and arrived here, at the Master's Seminary!  Three years later I hear these glorious words: "Robert Wauhop, Summa Cum Laude!"  That's right, Summa Cum Laude - "with highest honor!" That title is rewarded to those with a GPA of 3.9-4.0...basically he's a genius graduating with a 3.96 (while doing ministry, hanging out with his wife and daughter, and working)!  I can't tell you how excited I was to hear Dr. Mayhue call his name and to see him walk across that stage - and when it happened I was NOT disappointed!  It was such a proud moment and I am so filled with gratitude.

The Lord has provided for Robert and I so faithfully, perfectly, and abundantly throughout our three years in seminary!  We've lived in three totally different, fun places: Castaic, North Hollywood, and now Montrose!  We've been so blessed to serve on the Grace Community Church high school staff for most of our time here, and we LOVE it - our kids and the staff, who are our best friends!  And the best most significant "accomplishment" during our time here is the blessing of our beautiful baby girl!  We're parents!  I still can't believe it sometimes.  Maggie is an amazing addition to our family; we are so crazy about her beautiful face and super fun little personality!  I am extremely thankful and blessed beyond measure!  Above and beyond what we have asked and far far more than we deserve, thank You, Lord!

So, what's next for the Wauhops?  It is official - we are staying here in California while Robert gets his ThM.  And honestly, I'm excited about that!  And honestly, again, I was not so much at first...but it has become really obvious that this is what the Lord has for us.  And bonus, we have a wonderful church, great friends and neighbors - and each other, which is all I need to be happy!  So basically, the ThM is a Masters in theology, which will enable him to teach at a collegiate level and maybe even in a seminary.  He should be done with this degree by January.  After that, we will go to a church...somewhere...hopefully...!  We had some other plans that didn't end up working out, and that is ok, because the Lord is in control.  He didn't call us to this task of seminary and sacrifice to leave us stranded.  So, we are super excited about our future, and fully enjoying each day along the way!  

I am so thankful for you, Robert; for the countless hours of hard work, for the thousands of pages written, the scores of thousands, maybe even millions, of pages read, the late nights, the prayer, the dedication, the sacrifice, the leadership...well done, good and faithful husband!  Enjoy the fruit of your labor.  I love you!!

"I solemnly charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and by His appearing and His kingdom: preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction." 2 Tim. 4:1-2 


20 May 2012

A Beautiful Saturday

Life has been BUSY lately!  Most recently my amazing husband graduated from Seminary with his M.Div. (don't worry, i will be singing his praises in my next blog!), family was in town from NoVa, Maggie turned 6 months (yet another blog to come), and of course just living the high profile, high energy Wauhop life - you know what they say, work hard, play hard ;) and we do!

But seriously, we had SO much fun this weekend at the gorgeous Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills!! (Thanks Carly Brannon for the tip!)  We brought a picnic (Chipotle) lunch - yum!  It turned out there was no "picnicking" allowed, nor the throwing or catching of balls, and a few other random things.  But it was an absolutely gorgeous and FREE activity!  Even the drive down was super fun, (we took the 2 to the 134 to the 101 and got off on Coldwater Canyon and followed that down most of the way) very scenic - the secluded Beverly Hills!  Here are few of my favorite pics from the day.  Enjoy!

Handsomest Hubby/Daddy I've ever seen!!

My two most favorite people!!  Love their big, beautiful blue eyes!

Maggie loves giving kisses...big, wet, slobbery ones...all the time!!

and a few of the place, itself...

Thank you, Lord, for your beautiful creation, a super fun day in the sun, and an amazing family to enjoy your graces with!!!  We are so blessed!!

17 May 2012

Faith & Hope

(I think that is the name of an old TV show with Kelly Ripa...but that is not the topic at hand today.)

This is actually something I've been thinking about lately as I've been studying 1 Peter and I wanted to share...(from the MacArthur commentary on 1 Peter).

"Faith and hope are the two-fold blessings of redemption in God.  Faith enables believers to trust God for necessary grace in the midst of life's present circumstances, struggles, and anxieties (5:7, Ps. 5:11, 31:1, 37:5, 56:11, Prov. 29:25, Isa 26:3, Nah. 1:7, Phil. 4:6), and hope enables belief in future grace to be revealed for them in heavenly glory (Ps. 146:5, Acts 23:6, 24:15, Rom. 5:2, 8:18-25, Gal. 5:5, Titus 2:13, Heb. 6:11, 15)."

So maybe you could think about that today, and praise the Lord!

04 May 2012

6) The Rewards of Kindness

Jerry Bridges writes, “Kindness is a sincere desire for the happiness of others,” and “goodness is the activity calculated to advance that happiness.” In this chapter Carolyn Mahaney uses both of these definitions to round out the godly woman’s role of kindness. 

She gives three things (SIN) that inhibit our kindness: anger, bitterness, and judging. She shares James 4:1-2, “What causes quarrels and what causes fights among you? You desire and do not have.” I was convicted of this recently. Long story short, I found myself angry at Robert, my amazing, hard working hubby, not for anything that he had or even hadn’t done, but because of something that I wanted (or didn’t want in this situation). [Again , as always, it is my sin that causes my relationships to suffer!] And that is how it goes, “We need to recognize that ’wanting my way’ is really the driving force that propels our anger.” Even still, so many times what we want or what we don’t want is inconsequential in the whole matter…Carolyn Mahaney shares this paraphrase of John Calvin, “’The evil in our desires often lies not in what we want but that we want it too much…’ more than I want to glorify God by being kind.” The Lord kindly provides a solution, though, right there in the same chapter, verses 6-10 command us to humble ourselves and submit to God. We must remember that “sin is always the wrong choice,” but God’s grace does abound to cover our sin and equip us for good works – like kindness! 

She then goes on to say instead of the sins that inhibit our kindness we should have a reputation for goodness, known for praying, greeting, listening, encouraging, and planning. At first that might seem like a strange list in regards to kindness, but really, think about it. Praying – “What spectacular potential prayer has to further our husbands’ and children’s happiness!” Seriously, what better service can we do for our families? The Lord is the perfect source of all good things, including our families and their joy! Greeting – “When they awake each morning, call on the telephone, or enter the house, this seemingly small act of greeting will go a long way to advance their happiness.” Who doesn’t love to be warmly received; it makes you feel special!  Listening – “Listening is the prerequisite to being a ‘woman of understanding’ who draws out ‘deep water’ from the hearts of her family members” (Prov 20:5). Women always talk about how they wish their husbands would talk to them, share their feelings, blah blah blah…well, being quiet and taking the time to listen might encourage that! Encouraging – “Specific encouragement…will strengthen their souls and provoke them to godliness.” Complimenting our husbands, especially in front of others, is super encouraging and so easy! Planning – “[t]ake time to just to think about each member of [your] family – what that person likes and appreciates, what would entertain or refresh him or her.” Being organized is a great way to make serving your family a priority.  These are just a few practical ways to show kindness to our families.

And this is the goal – “Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: ‘Many woman have done excellently, but you surpass them all’” Proverbs 31:28-29. Carolyn Mahaney shares, “I can tell you from experience that if you devote your life to advancing your family’s happiness, the rewards will far exceed the sacrifices…” and “regardless of who takes notice in this life, God is watching. He is recording every expression of kindness and every act of goodness. What greater incentive could there be to advance our families’ happiness?”