28 August 2013

Welcome to the World My Baby Boy: Charles Haddon Wauhop

I wanted to write all of this down so I never forget it. Charlie is nearing 10 weeks now and that seems kind of unbelievable. Only kind of, though, because it seems at the same time as though he has always been a part of our family! And if you're a mom, you totally understand that!

my baby boy came fast! I woke up on June 21 - a day before my due date - at about 6:45am feeling a contraction, but honestly I didn't really think it was anything. But I felt another about 5 minutes later. I told Robert and we were really hoping that this might be it since I was so done with being pregnant and had been walking around for over a week at 4cm! Just in case I would spend the next few days in the hospital I thought I should hop in the shower. Well, with just a few minutes into my shower I suddenly felt like dying. I yelled out to Robert, "This is it!" And boy, was it! He got Maggie up and we started texting a few friends to see if they could pick up Maggie from the hospital. I was out of the shower and into the car in a few minutes. The three minute car ride felt unbearable. I crawled into the hospital, Robert had Maggie in tow. I rode up the elevator to the 4th floor...by this time I was physically yelling out every 2 minutes. They immediately got me into a room and I was begging for an epidural. Yikes! I've never felt pain like that before; it was insane. Anyway, I needed fluids and IVs and all of that jazz. They checked me when I got into the bed and I was already 7cm dilated! The nurse told me to let her know if I was feeling pressure, because she thought I'd be ready to push soon. I wasn't about to push without an epidural, though. I was yelling and crying and people were telling me to breathe and relax! HA! Right. Finally (after about 30 minutes) I was ready for my epidural - praise Jesus!! The nurse checked me again, right away. I was 10cm and Charlie was ready to come out.

Well, my lovely doctor came in right about then and asked me if I thought I might be able to hold my baby in until noon (it was about 9:30 at this point). Ok. Well I was feeling awesome, flying high, by this time. I was all for taking a nap before I needed to push out my baby. The Lord had other plans. My blood pressure got very low and Charlie's heart rate was dropping a little. I wore an oxygen mask for about an hour, but things weren't really improving. They decided to go ahead and let me push. With my Maggie pushing was a two hour ordeal. This time, there was barely time to break the bed down. Five minutes and two pushes later the most beautiful baby boy arrived. Seven pounds, fourteen ounces, screaming his precious, perfect, little head off!

My sweet baby boy laid on my chest and we were in love. Still are! We had to stay in the hospital for 48 hours. During those 48 hours I got to watch my baby girl become a big sister. I will say that she didn't thrive in her new position within the confines of our our hospital, haha, but she sure did love that new baby! And Robert, of course, was/is the worlds greatest dad! We couldn't take our eyes off of the sweet boy that just joined our family! The Lord is so kind and we are immensely blessed. We brought our boy home, and voila - Wauhop, family of four!