13 April 2013

Blog What?!

My, o my...blogging. Where has the time gone?

So, quick update on the Wauhop life:

1. We live in Atlanta - and by Atlanta I mean "The City of Homes," Newnan, GA - and we are really loving it. We do miss CA and our friends, but who wouldn't? But Robert is loving that his job is studying and preaching and meeting with students and parents. And we are making some new, fun friends, praise the Lord!! Two of whom are having little boys this spring/summer, too!!

2. Speaking of little boys, ours - Charles Haddon (Charlie!!) - is due exactly 10 weeks from today! Can't wait!! But also have so very much to do before he arrives :)

3. Our sweet little girl is 17 months old! Wowzer!! She is the funniest girl! Maggie is my little adventurer! She is non-stop and such a chatter box!! Here are some moments from our silly world:
- she loves water and is constantly saying "water water!" Lame one to start with...but it's cute.
- currently she is obsessed with babies. Everywhere we see a stroller or high chair, a child under five, and especially an actual baby - o my! "Baby!" "mommy, baby!!" She is going to love being a big sister!
- she says "HI" to every single person we see as we are out and about.
- another obsession is the potty! O my goodness, she loves the pee pee potty...and we are going to try to potty train in a few weeks! Wow?! We will see!?
- she constantly wants to have her "boo boos" kissed.
- she loves animals and the sounds they make.
- she says "Ew" all the time, too, haha. It's both funny and annoying. She picks up things off of the floor or points out zits on our face and says..."ew." Weird diva child?
- she repeats everything.
- and there are a million other things she says and does every day that are just priceless! But of course I'm her mom...
Goodness, I'm in love with this child. She is a handful and a half and I am so ready for a vacation pretty much every other day. But I wouldn't trade being her mommy for the world!

4. I just saw a commercial on tv for mederma that was filmed on Honolulu in Montrose! No way.

5. We bought a house! And it's awesome. Pics to come :)

6. Other stuff. The Lord is good. He's awesome! He provides and He is faithful and kind and sovereign and He loves me! What a blessing.

Well, that's all for now I guess. Hope to be more regular at this thing, but we will see!