20 May 2012

A Beautiful Saturday

Life has been BUSY lately!  Most recently my amazing husband graduated from Seminary with his M.Div. (don't worry, i will be singing his praises in my next blog!), family was in town from NoVa, Maggie turned 6 months (yet another blog to come), and of course just living the high profile, high energy Wauhop life - you know what they say, work hard, play hard ;) and we do!

But seriously, we had SO much fun this weekend at the gorgeous Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills!! (Thanks Carly Brannon for the tip!)  We brought a picnic (Chipotle) lunch - yum!  It turned out there was no "picnicking" allowed, nor the throwing or catching of balls, and a few other random things.  But it was an absolutely gorgeous and FREE activity!  Even the drive down was super fun, (we took the 2 to the 134 to the 101 and got off on Coldwater Canyon and followed that down most of the way) very scenic - the secluded Beverly Hills!  Here are few of my favorite pics from the day.  Enjoy!

Handsomest Hubby/Daddy I've ever seen!!

My two most favorite people!!  Love their big, beautiful blue eyes!

Maggie loves giving kisses...big, wet, slobbery ones...all the time!!

and a few of the place, itself...

Thank you, Lord, for your beautiful creation, a super fun day in the sun, and an amazing family to enjoy your graces with!!!  We are so blessed!!

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