21 July 2011


So, if anyone reads this and has the time, please vote on which bag you think would make the better diaper bag for Baby Maggie!

The Hey Jute Stripe Tote - which is SO cute and girly (and affordable)!! My only concerns here is that it's really springy, and she will be a November baby, and it totally clashes with my stroller and car seat. But, I really do love it!


Ambitious Lizard Embossed Tote (in Grey Blue) - love the neutral modern color, perfect size, and seems like really good quality. It's not adorable like the other option, but it's totally practical and just a beautiful bag in general!

Maybe I should just get both?! I mean it is my birthday next week!! Or, if you have another suggestion - a diaper bag you've loved or seen...I'd love to check it out!

1 comment:

  1. I like the grey one!It doesn't look like the traditional diaper bag, actually neither of them do but the grey can be used year round and it matches everything.