06 April 2012

4) The Pleasure of Purity

This chapter is about yes, you guessed it, sex...and it was a great chapter!  I hesitate to write on it, but for the sake of reporting on each of the seven virtues I'll give it a go.

She begins the chapter by sharing a story:

"Several years ago at a church leadership conference, I hosted a panel of pastor's wives at a women's session.  We fielded questions on a wide variety of topics - from childrearing to counseling women in crisis situations.  Then a woman from the audience posed the question: 'What is one thing you have learned that encourages your husband the most?'  As  other women on the panel answered, I pondered my response.  I know what C.J.'s answer would be, but dare i say that?  And then it was my turn.  'Make love to him,' I blurted out.  'That's what my husband would say if he were here!'  The room erupted into a wave of nervous, knowing laughter.  It's true!"

So, although not much else needs to be said for you to get the point, I thought I'd include her outline of the chapter, each section being pretty self-explanatory:  

Sex and the Scriptures:
- It is God's Idea
- It is Fashioned for Marriage
- It is Intended for Pleasure
- It is Designed for Intimacy
- It is Created for Procreation

Sex Polluted by Sin

The Problem of Lust

A Clarion Call for Purity
- Set Our Hearts and Minds on Things Above
- Make No Provision for the Flesh
- Be Honest and Pursue Accountability

Three Principles for Grade "A" Passion
- Be Attractive
- Be Available
- Be Anticipatory 

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