05 March 2010

Grace to You

"This is Grace to You. How can I help you?"

"This is Grace to You. How can I help you?"

I have said those two sentences over 500 times in the last few days - literally. John MacArthur and Phil Johnson have been doing a three part interview on the radio, "Answering the Big Questions About the Sovereignty of God," and everyone who hears the interview and calls in can receive it for free. Well that's great, of course. The interview is excellent - about God's sovereign control over absolutely everything: evil, government, salvation, nature...(Psalms 118:23, Mark 12:11) and, it is good. All things are for God's glory and our good. Everything past, present, and future has been so that the works of God might be wrought (John 9)! How awesome and amazing and marvelous!!!

Yet, I am so selfish. And after two days of madness I thought that my job was about me and how I felt instead of God sovereignly orchestrating every conversation. Everyone wants to tell me how they stumbled upon our broadcast, and I just want to say ok just let me give you the free offer... And when people ask me "How are you?" I want to say overwhelmed, busy, blah, blah, blah... And wow, what a selfish and prideful person I am; what a sinner. And I saw my fleshly desires overcoming me and so I asked my friend Hannah to pray for me to be patient and kind, to portray the character of Christ to these people on the phone. And she so graciously reminded me that our answer to how we are doing should always be: "Better than I deserve"

I am a sinner saved by grace, I am doing wwaaaaayyyy better that I deserve. The God of the universe who is working all things at all time for His glory and my good is on my side (Romans 8:31)! He is good and gracious and I have so many opportunities to display His character and grace in my life. Praise God from whom all blessings flow and how blessed we are!

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  1. Ahhh Ash, I know how you feel. I've been there so many times. And you're exactly right. God is at work in your heart as the free offers come in, how you will respond to the difficulties and challenges and He is also at work in those people's lives you are talking to every day! I'm so proud of you and what you're learning as you work. You are being sanctified there and He is glorified! :) What a wonderful thing you're doing as you keep things in perspective. I miss you!
    Ashley Mehringer