03 June 2012

Happy Half-Birthday, Maggie Grace: 6 months!

Six whole months!  Half a year!  On one hand it completely flew by; and on another, I can hardly believe she's only been with us for that short of a time!  My baby girl is (was...since this is a late post and she will be 7 months a week from today) 6 months old!

At her 6 month appointment she weighed in at a "petite" 13lbs and 6.5oz, which put her in the 9% for weight!  And for height she was just a hare past 25in, making her in the 36% for height!  She hasn't quite doubled her birth weight yet, but we are getting there...

She is crawling faster and sitting like a champ!  I love her adventurous little personality!

She is a CRAZY wiggle worm!  I think her tiny size, too, makes it hard to hold on to her.  She just kind of squirms her way out of your arms.  She is busy and so much fun!

Teething.  Teething.  Teething - Boo. Nap-Ruiner. Crankiness. Sad...  I try and tell her (and myself) that teeth are worth it and allow you to enjoy a wondrous many splendid things in the future!
(spoiler alert for the 7mo post to come soon...she finally got her two bottom teeth!!  Thank You, Jesus!)

She loves water bottles, and the park, and my hair (that I cut off :( )...

First 80's party...Check!  And rocked it ;)

First beach trip (was that this month?)

She went in the pool and really enjoyed it...mostly!  

We got to see family from NoVa - Grammy, Poppy, Uncle Tim, Aunt Joni, and Jake!  And watch Daddy graduate from Seminary!

We tried lots of new foods this month...Sweet Potatos, Carrots, Zuccini, Mangos (favorite!), Pears, Apples, Squash...!

She gives kisses now, and that is pretty awesome!!  Big, slobbery, open-mouth kisses!

It's hard to remember what was "last" month and what was this about to be 7 month stuff.  But, I can tell you that watching your child totally discover the world - seeing her basically every second of her waking life, is unbelievably awesome!!  Watching her eyes light up, seeing what she does and doesn't like, what makes her laugh, what makes her cry, going after something she's not sure she can reach, her eyes scanning the room for what to get into next, tasting, hearing, seeing, feeling things for the very first time...I get to be there for all of it - every day!  Yes, being a mom is the hardest thing I've ever been blessed with.  But it is by far the most AMAZING thing (besides marrying Robert [cause and affect]) that I will ever do in this life!  Maggie is a little person that looks a lot like me and the one that I love and she is growing and learning new things all the time!  It seems everyday she surprises me with what she can do!  I cannot kiss her enough.  I can't get enough of her little laugh - AH, it is the sweetest thing!  I don't really understand the saying, "The world is your oyster," but the world is certainly Maggie's jungle gym to explore and discover these days.

I love being your mommy, Maggie Grace!  God was so kind to let me hold and mold and love you, little girl!  It's already and only, at the same time been six wonderful months with you, and I pray for thousands more. 

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