11 July 2012

Kauai 2012 (part 1)

We had such a GREAT vacation!  Family, beach, zip-line, pool, sun, and lots of food - sounds amazing, right!  I'm so thankful to my grandparents for taking us and my whole family on this trip.  It was such a blessing from the Lord and such a special time!  So instead of a long narrative about all of the details about our vacation, here are a bunch of pictures.  Enjoy!

First day at the beach!

Maggie's fun new pool float!

She's too sweet!

My grandparents = awesome!  They started it all :)

My family minus my dad (who was taking the pic).

All of us!  The Bowens, Morales', Smiths, Watsons, and Wauhops!

Anniversary Date Night!!  Seriously some of the best food I've ever eaten, and I SO loved being alone with my man for 24 whole hours!!

A gorgeous hike on the coast in Poipu!

Crazy fun zip-line tour with Kauai Backcountry Adventures! (video to come!!)

I realized this was getting a little long...so, Kauai 2012 part 2 coming up.  Stay tuned!

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