11 July 2012

Shout Out!!

I have a few friends who are great, entrepreneurial stay at home moms, and I just wanted to give them a  little shout-out today!  Check out their websites/blogs/products...

First up, my neighbor and friend Rebecca Leon @ Go Green Treasures.  She makes tons of really cool and beautiful wreaths for literally every occasion.  She can customize them, as well, to fit your specific need.  She also sells lots of homemade jewelry!  Check her out!

Next is my friend Monica Mehringer @ Hello Brielle.  Check out her blog and her etsy!  She makes (and sometimes even gives away) super cool prinatbles (invitations, party decor, etc.) like the one below!  She is very talented and would make a great addition to any event you might be having, so definitely check her out! 

Lastly, for today, is my friend and college roommate, Caiti Garter @ Knots For You Crochet.  She makes ADORABLE headbands, bonnets, hats, all sorts of things for your baby!  And she's a photographer - mega talented.  But anyway, you should definitely check her out as well!

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