21 April 2011

these days...

Hello again! I'm still pregnant...11 and a half weeks now! And life's been good. I keep meaning to blog something, but can't really think of anything interesting/just haven't really had the time.

I've been so sleepy lately. And I feel sick approximately 15/6 - so not quite 24/7, haha! I've had a few episodes of "pregnancy brain" where I've left my purse at a restaurant, or left something in first service at church, or locked my keys in my car...But it's really crazy cool to know that a sweet and tiny human person is growing inside of my belly!! Wow! I cannot wait to find out if we are having a boy or a girl in June. And I'm also so excited to go home in August - I'm just looking forward to our parents being able to see the belly and experience a short week of the pregnancy with us! That time will be really special!

On another note, belly pics? I have tried to take some belly pictures, but I feel like I'm either trying way too hard and end up just pushing my hips forward to give the illusion of a belly, or I just don't know what to do with my hands?! So, hopefully I'll get the hang of that before to far along...

Ooo, we got a new couch at a great yard sale! So, we are selling our others. And waiting to possibly hear about some potentially awesome apartment news!! So, pray about that if you think of it. Basically, as always, God is so good and we trust His plan for our future!


  1. Praying for you :-)

    Scott and I (my husband) would take a weekly trip to the grocery store and find out from babycenter.com what our baby looked like that week and take a picture of it near my belly :-)

    Like a tomato or apple ect :-) it got really fun towards the end and it was neat to look back after I had Judah to see his growth each month

  2. Haha I'm picturing a post on fb that everyone expected to be legitimate belly pics, but instead its one with hips completely out, ones with arms awkwardly hanging by your side...haha omg you should do it for the funny-ness factor. For real though, i can see how this would be hard!