09 May 2011

Apt. #1

It's so appropriately named, because it truly is the best apartment in our complex! Apartment #1 has just become vacant in the building we manage. Currently we are in apt #9, which is a "cozy" one bedroom. Apt. #1 is a spacious 2 BEDROOM...with a REAL KITCHEN (it's like it's own separate room with more than 1 counter!!), and 2 storage spaces/closets!! Wow! Sounds to good to be true, haha!

But, I'm writing all of this to ask you (Kristen and Marie and whoever else might read this) to please pray with us, that the Lord, who is rich in mercy, would allow us to move in and manage from apt #1! It would be a HUGE blessing with the baby coming in November, and being something we can actually afford! Really, we couldn't imagine a more ideal situation. We've been waiting a little over a month to hear the ruling of the property bosses as to whether or not it's an option. It's been discouraging to say the least. But, also it's been awesome, because the Lord has exposed my faithlessness. O me of little faith. The Lord can so provide this for us, and totally glorify Himself in the process. Or, He can say no - and totally glorify Himself in that process! But while we wait, I'd love for you to pray as well; that way you can rejoice in the outcome as well, knowing that the Lord hears our prayers and He loves us!

Lastly, please read this if you've ever struggled with faithless prayers. It was SO convicting and encouraging! The Lord really used it to rejuvenate me!

And double last, my baby is the size of a lemon! Wow, huge!!


  1. Ok! But I'm praying harder that you move back to Castaic. Haha, just kidding. Kind of.

    Tell the HUMONGOUS LEMON hello!!! :-)