26 May 2011

Feed Me!

I've always been one to really enjoy food. I definitely think about food, good food I want to make or just eat... But since I've been pregnant I really think about food a lot. I think about how some food sounds so disgusting, but mostly about foods that I just really want - right now. Literally, I drop Robert off for school in the morning, before 7am, and I say, "Hey, what are you thinking for dinner tonight?" He hasn't even considered breakfast or lunch, and I'm already dreaming of dinner time! It's bad...but I'm pregnant, right?!

At about 8 or so weeks I started feeling pretty sick all the time. At first I blamed it on heavy dairy products: cheesecake, goat cheese, a glass of milk, etc. They just seemed to really increase the nausea. Which, if you know me, is so sad. I'm a cheeseaholic! I love cheese! I was born that way; ask my mom. (Once, I took a bight right out of a stick of butter because I thought it was a block of cheese!) So, that was hard for me. But, I seemed to get over that and am really loving a good glass of skim milk every other day or so, and am eating more than my fair share of cheese and it's delicious products! (still no cheesecake though; that was rough.)

Other things I am loving are: the stereotypical pickle - YUM! I was into eggs a lot for a few weeks. And now it's potatoes! French Fries (with a lot of salt and ketchup), hash browns, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, twice-baked potatoes...you name it - I'll take two!!

Since I've been feeling sick, it's been hard to work out, slash also with my lack of energy. I'm just really loving me some extra sleep these days, too. But, I am getting my energy back and am super thankful to be feeling better more consistently! The Lord is good and pregnancy is such a miracle! I cannot say that enough! It's amazing!

Lastly, my sweet husband has been so wonderful throughout all of neediness and what not during this pregnancy. I highly doubt there is a greater man out there! He is so sweet! He loves this baby so much; it's so cute to see him talk to it! He will be the best dad! He's so patient and so kind and I am so very blessed! Thank you, Lord, for this amazing man!

Three and a half more weeks until this pregnancy is half over!! And we find out if it is a boy or girl June 13! Yay Baby Wauhop!

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