19 May 2011


I am at a loss for super interesting updates.

I really want to start writing a book, but can't quite think of something good enough to write about. Any ideas?

Robert is in a summer class that literally requires 300+ pages of reading a night :/

High school Bible studies are coming to a close, but I'm going to start meeting with my girls during the summer and going through Fundamentals of the Faith with them!

The baby and my belly are growing, growing, growing! And I'm so excited! (I'm going to do a post soon of some pregnancy cravings, wishes, and what not...)

We are looking for a bigger place to live. (keep praying! and let me know if you hear of anything!!)

I have 141 days left of work at GTY!!

I'm so excited to go home in August! I bought our plane tickets yesterday!!

And, I'm equally excited to go to San Fran, June 29-July3 for our 2 year anniversary and BabyMoon!! Ahh! I can't wait to be alone with my sweet, sweet man for 5 days straight!

I am a happy girl! So blessed! My God is good!


  1. That is a whole lot of reading! Is it intensive style class? Nate says it takes the avg person 1 hour to read 20 pages, so that means 300 pages would take like 15 hours! Oh my word, praying for ya. ha! PS love the baby Wauhop thing on the sidebar!

  2. Yes, it is an intensive. It'll be over this Friday! Then he has a week break and then has one more class for the summer.

  3. Wow! It'll be all worth it when he's done so soon!!