23 March 2012

Patch the Pirate

I love music!  And I'm pretty sure Maggie does, too!  I know that Seeds is really great music for kids, and I'm excited to get into that and start memorizing Scripture with Maggie through song in year or two...  But, I am also all about playing Patch the Pirate!  

I don't know if anyone even still knows who he is, but my brothers and I grew up with Patch the Pirate and he was our favorite.  Think Adventures in, Odessy, but WAY cooler!  He might be a little fundamentalist, but I promise I learned so much actually good stuff from him.  We had a bunch of Patch the Pirate on cassette tape; I actually need to see if my mom still has any of those...  But, long story short, you can listen to Patch and the crew on-line for free (just the songs, not the stories)!  So, if you have little ones, you will LOVE these!  Some of our (my) favorite songs are "Family Fun," "Wiggle Worm," "Poochie- Lip Disease," "Obedience," "The Lord's Army," "I Do My Part," "The Gratitude Attitude" and basically all of them (most of these can be found on page 2 under the last 5 albums)!  And my favorite stories as a kid were "The Custard's Last Stand," "The Evolution Revolution," "Patch the Pirate Goes to the Jungle," and "Camp Kookawacka Woods."  I mean honestly, don't those all just sound AMAZING!  haha.  Well, I do hope that you take a listen.  I think you're going to like it!

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