16 March 2012

Seminary Banquet 2012

Last year was the 25th anniversary of TMS and the banquet was a big to-do at the Ronald Reagan Library underneath of Air Force 1!  That day, March 5th, was also the day that Robert and I found out that our little Maggie was on her way!!  This year, with a new baby and the hour long drive, the banquet didn't seem like something that we had to go to...but it was going to be our last one, and we do like dressing up on occasion, so we did!  And we are so glad!  

Some highlights - I took my spanx off before we even got to the banquet, haha.  It was Maggie's first time with a babysitter and she did great!  She was even sleeping when we got home!  We got to sit with our good friends the Dexters, and see many other friends!  The food was delicious!  And the hubs and I got to enjoy each others company!  Not too shabby.

At the banquet overlooking Simi...

After we got home...

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