25 February 2011

February 27

Weekend! Weekend!

This Sunday marks the 10th birthday of my little sister, Aubree! Please watch this VIDEO and get to know her - she is hilarious!

This Sunday is also the 4 year anniversary of Robert and I dating (for the first time). Four years ago Robert called me and asked if I wanted to go get dinner. I was sitting at my desk in my dorm room eating pretzels and pudding for dinner...So, I said yes, and we went to OSAKA's! (It's the greatest place to eat on earth!)

We get there, we order, we sit down and wait. I go to the bathroom (crucial detail, obviously) and when I come out, our food is waiting! So, I sit down, we pray, and I start eating - but Robert doesn't. He begins to give a speech, if you will, about how satisfied he is being single and what not...how he's not so much for the dating...and eventually, though, if he was going to date, that he'd be interested in dating me!

Well, after hearing points A, B, and C - actually a month or so prior - I was sold! And so started the love saga that is Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wauhop :)

Needless to say, February 27th is one of my favorite days ever!!

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