01 February 2011



So, I am LOVING Choosing Gratitude! Robert brought it home for me last night and I read the first thirty pages...I can already tell it's going to be amazing - and so convicting! I wrote out a few quotes on 3x5 cards to put up at my desk at work, but forgot them on my night stand. I'll share them when I bring them tomorrow, hopefully!

But, on another note - John MacArthur will be speaking at Liberty University next Friday, Feb. 11! I am shocked, so excited, and bummed I won't be there. But, for those of you still in that woderful Burg, DON'T MISS IT!

Secondly, I was thinking that as I was recommending these books, I'd also like to let everyone know that if you have a ".edu" email address you can sign up on Amazon and qualify for free 2-day shipping! That is such a good deal! I am way more inclined to on-line shop when free shipping is in the mix!! (Speaking of free shipping check out this fun website - ASOS. I think the jewelry and sale section is pretty bomb!)

Lastly, I'd like to recommend another book, When Sinners Say "I Do". When Sinners Say "I Do" is about the blessed gift of marriage between two sinners - which every marriage is. Now, I'm still newly married and pretty much think Robert is the bees knees! But this book was so helpful for me in seeing the sin in my life and how that affects my marriage. It has also been key in forming a godly perspective on forgiveness and "absorbing the cost" - you have to read the book to find out all about what that means! I went through this book with Mrs. Busenitz (a wonderfully godly woman, wife of Dr. Irv Busenitz and mother of Dr. Nate Busenitz from the Master's Seminary!) after I joined HS Staff and couldn't do SemWives anymore. Our time together, coupled with Dave Harvey's wise words really cemented the importance and impact of When Sinners Say "I Do"!

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