23 February 2011

Roxy Maddah: djRoxBox

My dear friend Roxy is coming to LA one week from today, and I am SOOOOO excited!!! Roxy is one of my very best friends. We met at the end of my freshman year at LU - we were on YouthQuest together! We've been friends, roommates, enemies, better friends, and now we're pretty much sisters...and I love her!

One year Roxy was my valentine! I made her fettucini alfredo, and melted a plastic bowl on to her oven! Also, I snuck out of my dorm once to sleep over/facebook stalk in her dorm! We shared a twin bed for a week in FL...O memories! Roxy has been there for heart breaks and wedding bells and everything in between! Roxy is so much fun. It's been so awesome to see her grow in her faith and example over the last year. I am so thankful to the Lord for her friendship! She is truly one of the greatest friends/sister known to man, and I am so excited to see her next week!!

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  1. hey, love the blog! I miss seeing you at sem wives and having you in my group! but it's nice "catching up" on here :)