01 February 2011


I want to stay here so badly - the Standard! Doesn't it look like so much fun! What a great Valentines Day treat? Or just a weekend rendezvous!! It's way more trendy than I am... and a little too expensive for us - but, I feel like it would be such a fun, dreamy treat!

I must admit that LA does have a lot to offer - especially variety. From food to attractions to entertainment to shops, literally everything is here. Since Robert only has 3ish semesters left in seminary I figured I should start living LA to the fullest (or at least start checking it out)! So, I'm adding to my amazing places to vacation/staycation in LA. The Figueroa Hotel looks like so much fun!

The atmosphere seems really chill and it's so beautiful! It's right by the Staples Center and LA Live, yet it seems so secluded and romantic! What a fun find!


  1. Oh my goodness The Figueroa Hotel is BEAUTIFUL
    When Scott and I travel to LA next I am going to have him book us a room there!!! I love it!

  2. Chad and I love boutique hotels, both of these would make great date nights... we like to "fake stay :)" just go for the evening for dinner or dessert, walk around the place, enjoy the atmosphere and not pay for a room :) At the Standard you can have dessert poolside on the roof :) ... save the price of the room, and spend under $20 sipping coffee and a fab dessert treat! Fun to find your blog!